Woolbabe Merino Sleep Sack- Front opening- (3-24m)

Woolbabe Merino Sleep Sack- Front opening- (3-24m)

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Our Woolbabe merino/cotton blend sleeping bags are super practical and a truly useful gift to give. They fit the criteria perfectly, last a long time, useful and in a range of neutral colours so as too be able to be used by multiple children and then gifted on.  We thought they couldn't make them any better yet here they are now made using Organic Cotton!

It can be used from approximately 14 to 22 degrees by varying the clothing inside the bag, making it ideal from Autumn through till Spring, and on the cooler nights in summer.

The outside layer is gorgeous 30% merino/70% soft organic cotton blend fabric.  This beautifully soft fabric is knitted specially for Woolbabe.

The bag is filled with a snug layer of 100% Merino wool filling, which gives amazing warmth and temperature regulating properties.  It has the feel of a duvet or thick blanket, and many babies seem to sleep much better in this heavier feeling of wool.  The weight of the filling also means less wriggling for a lot of children.